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«spare me as if you hate me but you love me».

Sincerity allows us to express ourselves free of all pretense with our neighbor.  It is what allows us to manifest ourselves outwardly as we are inwardly, (without double standards), in our relationship with others.  It is clarity and transparency in what we do, what we think and how we live.

Your voice matters, your ideas matter, your emotions matter, it is a lie that we are born with «special» qualities (such as care and tenderness) and that is why you are placed in roles that turn you off. You are forced to look out for others before yourself. They force you to serve and there goes your time (and life).

In the Metaverse, unfortunately, the same dangers persist for many people as in the real world, and the fact that they do not affect us physically does not make them any less serious. Their consequences have psychological implications, which also impact us emotionally and most importantly: they are a reflection of the issues that continue to affect millions of women on a daily basis, on and off the screen. Let’s put an end to physical and virtual violence against us.

Abrazos gratis (Groenlandia x Antartida) [Countryhumans

Nunca te fíes de un hombre vestido de rojo que baja por tu chimenea… hacía tiempo que no publicaba nada de mi arte, así que aquí tenéis. Espero que estéis disfrutando de lo que sea que celebréis en estas fechas, y que el año que viene sea mejor que este.

leorraptor:-«Son rabiosos, brutales, sin piedad. Pero ella… ella será peor… Rasga y desgarra, hasta que esté hecho»- Crossover entre Bionicle y Doom 2016. Siendo tan badass como la Doom Slayer y habiendo estado ambos en el infierno y de vuelta, supuse que sería divertido crear el personaje de Doom Gal.Cuando el hijo se convierte en mejor que la madre

leorraptor:Mermay de última hora con las dos mejores chicas pez…No sé si estas dos señoras cuentan como sirenas pero a quién le importa…Priscilla [izquierda] pertenece a @hernyart y Undyne [derecha] pertenece a Toby FoxMamá orgullosa aquí

Inglés abajo#Mermay2018 Día 20: Nontruma (Sargento Keroro). Me estoy quedando sin ideas y se nota. De la fantasía y las leyendas traidicionales empecé a buscar en ciencia ficción, y ante la pregunta «¿Se te ocurren alienígenas acuáticos?» mi hijo Leo comentó «¿Te valen los kerorenses?». Por un momento titubee…. pero son tan sumamente… ¡ranuchas! Entonces recordé que en un episodio de Sargento Keroro salía una sirena… ¡y la encontré! No es que fuera un personaje muy importante…. pero bueno, era mona, así que aquí está.Día 20: Nontruma (Keroro Gunso). Empiezo a quedarme sin ideas como podéis notar. De la fantasía y las leyendas tradicionales pasé a la Ciencia Ficción y cuando le pregunté a mi hijo Leo «¿Conoces algún extraterrestre acuático?» me respondió «¿Y los extraterrestres Keroro Gunso?». Por un momento me los planteé… pero son tan… ¡sapos!… Entonces recordé que había una sirena en un episodio del anime y ¡la encontré! Nontruma no es un personaje principal… pero es linda, ¡así que aquí está!

Billie Eilish – wish you were gay // English

anes-tesia:Seeing your face reminds me that I once wanted to love someone with all my will and that I put the unexpected in your hands, and it reminds me so well how fateful the outcome was.Ephemeral Timeless Moon

My mind submerges me in a sea of doubts and discomfort, it takes my reasoning to the limit, since I feel like at night I sink into bed as if I were in the open sea and little by little I find it hard to breathe until I feel that it takes my life away from me.

I got tired of writing you every night of my miserable and monotonous life, probably the fault is mine but the words no longer reached anything, they no longer exclaimed anything, however no matter what I dedicate myself to, everything ends up being for you.

Extended Intro | Powerpuff Girls | Cartoon Network

Last night we went to a concert, I just wanted to hear one song, but it didn’t happen. I heard the air conditioning over the piano notes. I got sad. «It’s damned if you don’t and it’s damned if you true, ‘cause they’ll lock you up in a sad, sad zoooh, hidy-hidy-hiding, whatcha trying to prove?»

Rain is trill for me, my beloved, if your hands sink into my stream I forget everything and see things painted with the color of the most beautiful memories. If your voice comes from afar and your embrace closes over me like a caravan of clouds encircling the hill, resoundingly, I forget and let myself be colonized by your present that inflames everything.

The shadow of the garden embraces me from behind and leaves me motionless with its breath of dew, with its bunches of fresh grass. The storms begin like this, first the iguanas hide, they leave the warm stone, they dull the heart, they fall asleep, then the breeze, the birds, the laundry, the life of the objects, everything becomes fragile.

Juan turns things upside down and always leaves them upside down.Juan knows about birds, he can recognize their song in the city or in the bush.Juan leaves the shutter a little open to let the sun in and wake him up. Juan doesn’t like to sleep, but when he does, it’s more beautiful than a lake.