Cómo exportar historial whatsapp android


Migrate whatsapp history from android to iphone.

The brief also states that if after an account has been temporarily suspended and the official version of WhatsApp is not used, that account could be deleted forever. The unsupported apps are WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp and those that claim to be able to move WhatsApp chats from one phone to another.

Given this situation, WhatsApp is asking users with temporarily suspended accounts to download the official version of the application in order to continue using their account. In addition, it also recommends these users to save their chat history first so as not to lose them.

WhatsApp also provides a guide on how to save a history to preserve conversations. For example, in GB WhatsApp you have to wait for the temporary suspension to end and then go to More options, look for the Chats section and then perform the Backup.

At that point it is time to go to Phone Settings, tap on Storage and then Files. After that, find the GB WhatsApp folder and select it. At that moment, you will have to rename the folder to WhatsApp.

How to transfer whatsapp chat from android to ios for free

Once you are already viewing the files on your phone there are two different ways to get to the directory where we will find the folder we need. What you can do is click on the top of the interface where you see that says «Internal Storage» or «Internal Storage», another way is to slide your finger from right to left on the screen.

We recommend that when you manage to locate this folder in your internal memory and make the copy, save everything it contains in a folder on your cell phone, and also on your computer if you can (create a folder with another name), be sure to do it in a place where you will not forget its location. In this case, with the same ES files Explorer app, let’s create a new folder, looking again for the icon with the vertical dots at the top right, and tapping on NEW.

Once you have already made sure that it was copied correctly you can proceed to delete the original WhatsApp folder from your android. To do this simply press and hold for a few seconds on the folder and then choose the «Delete» option.

Transfer whatsapp from android to iphone

By going into Settings> Data usage and storage> Storage usage you will be able to see all the groups you are part of, as well as how much space the messages and content exchanged in them occupy. In addition, you can go into each specific group or contact to see detailed information on the number of messages, locations, images, GIFs, videos, audio messages and documents sent.

In the ‘Conversation history’ option it is possible to select another destination for your conversations other than the storage on your smartphone, that is, you can send conversations by email, with or without media. But in addition, the history allows you to empty or completely delete chats. There is a fourth option which is to archive them, but they will still take up space in your memory.

Another option to free up some of the space that WhatsApp takes up on Android is through Android file management. In this case, there are two ways: through ‘Apps’ and through ‘Storage’. In both cases, you will land on the same information screen where it is possible to see how much internal space is being used and clear the data, as well as the cache.